Incident Response and Threat Hunting

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Breached? Get expert help.

CybIntel provides specialized cyber counter intelligence to identify, deter and counter state sponsored cyber espionage threats.

Our experts can handle all aspects of a breach, or act as independent advocates on your behalf. Our experts have handled over 500 state sponsored intrusions at clients across North America.

CybIntel has the expertise to handle any size breach event and can customize response to leverage your organizations capabilities including directing remediation using your own IT resources.


Incident Response

State sponsored incidents are usually identified from external notifications and on average 90 days after the initial breach. Our experts can evaluate the victim notification and work to confirm an event or prove that a compromise hasn’t occurred. Let our experts scope a compromise and build a custom remediation plan.

Managed Malware Hunting

Hunting for unknown threats can help mature cyber secure organizations get ahead of the breach curve and lower the time to dwell for unknown breaches.


Deception and threat reduction

Malware Analysis

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